Program FAQs

What is Wattpad Next?

Wattpad Next is a beta program that allows the community to support writers directly. It was created in direct response to demand from the community for Wattpad to enable readers to support the writers who create the stories they love—and for writers to monetize their work, right on Wattpad

Why are we launching Wattpad Next?

Writers create the stories that make Wattpad the best place to read unique stories. Wattpad readers have been asking for a way to reward writers, and Wattpad Next is a way to support writers for creating the stories we love. Our goal is to help writers progress in their careers and help them get funding for their work.

Why isn’t the program available in every country?

We’re currently testing the best way to help writers earn money off of their work. That’s the reason we are launching a beta program. The beta program is available in Canada, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, and Mexico.

Once we build a program that works best for both readers and writers, we will release the experience to our broader community.

Will Wattpad still be free?

Yes. There are still hundreds of millions of free stories on Wattpad, and that isn’t going to change. The Wattpad Next beta program enables readers to purchase stories directly on Wattpad. For years, readers have been supporting Wattpad authors as they publish outside of Wattpad, and have asked for a way to more easily monetarily support creators on the platform.

How do I purchase stories?

Stories are purchased using coins. These can be purchased on the Wattpad app, and will be paid for through your iTunes or Google Play account. Learn more about reading Wattpad Next stories here.

Can I read stories on any device?

Yes! Once you purchase coins the balance in your wallet will be updated wherever you use Wattpad. You can then redeem your coins and read stories on the app on your Apple or Android device, and while reading on the Wattpad website.

I don’t want to get invested in a story I’m going to have to pay for - how do I know what stories I have to pay to read, and which I can continue reading for free?

All stories on Wattpad are marked as Next or free stories. You can identify a Wattpad Next story by the ‘Supported Story” badge on the cover.

How does Wattpad choose which stories are included in the beta program and which stories are available for free reading?

Stories in the beta program were selected to reflect the diverse genres and interests of our community. We are working with a dedicated group of writers, who are committed to their craft and readers.

The connection between readers and writers is what makes Wattpad the unique and incredible space we all love. The stories selected echo this connection, and will help us build the best program to fund writer’s careers, while giving readers access to stories they can only find on Wattpad.

Writer FAQs

Does this mean stories will be available for purchase for Wattpad’s global audience in the near future?

We are currently running a beta program in the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, and the Philippines to develop the best way for authors to make money on Wattpad.

Results of the beta program will determine how our community continues to tangibly reward writers in the future.

How were the writers and stories that are participating in the program chosen?  

The stories included in the beta program reflect the diversity of the stories shared on Wattpad. We are working with 49 writers who have strong connections with their readers, whose readers we believe have been looking for ways to fund their work.

Are stories not involved considered lower-quality because they are free?

No! There are millions of quality, free stories on Wattpad—and there always will be.

Of course, when readers pay for stories the quality of the content is held to a standard our readers expect.

Can I join the program as a writer?

The beta program is not currently open to additional authors. Before inviting additional authors, we’re building the best program for you to make money on Wattpad.

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