How to unlock Wattpad Next stories

You can enjoy Wattpad Next stories in three ways:


1. Unlock each juicy part chapter-by-chapter

Read at your own pace, and unlock each chapter as you are ready to dive into the next part. Simply click the [unlock next chapter] button to redeem coins, and unlock the next part.


2. Purchase an entire story

Binge the entire story, from start to finish. When you purchase the whole story, you’ll enjoy seamless reading—and a discount compared to unlocking the story chapter by chapter!

To purchase an entire story, select the [unlock entire book] option. The total amount of coins will be deducted from your wallet, and you’ll instantly receive full access to the whole story.


3. Read the next chapter right away, or wait to read the story for free

When a story has you hooked, waiting for the next chapter can feel like an eternity. Now you don’t have to wait!  Some Wattpad Next stories are available for early access reading. What does this mean? New chapters are published weekly, and open to read for free the following week. You can wait to read the chapter for free, or pay to unlock the chapter right away.

To read the next chapter right away, click on the [unlock next chapter] button to redeem your coins and be the first to read the new chapter.

How to buy Wattpad Next stories

You can unlock Wattpad Next stories by paying with coins, which can be purchased through your iTunes or Google Play account. To purchase coins open the Wattpad app on your device. Tap on the your wallet on your profile to check your current balance, and load your account.  

Tap purchase coins to select a coin package. To read a few chapters, select a smaller package, or save money for longer stories by selecting bigger packages.

Once you select your package, enter your App Store or Play Store password, and the purchase will be charged to your account. Your coin balance will automatically be updated anywhere you use Wattpad, including the iOS and Android app, and the Wattpad website.

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