What is Wattpad Supported Stories?

Wattpad Supported Stories is a program that makes it possible for writers to earn money for their work, while giving readers a way to monetarily support writers on Wattpad.

Why did we create Wattpad Supported Stories?

The Wattpad community has always supported the stories and writers that create them. From the first time a writer finds their voice to the day their final chapter is uploaded, our community is there cheering along, every step of the way.

Supported Stories is born out of our readers’ desire to give back to the writers who give us so much. Just as Wattpadders love being the first to discover new talent, this is the chance to be the first to support writers as they take the next step in their writing careers.

While the majority of the millions of stories on Wattpad will always be free, a small selection will now be available only through this new program. Supported Stories will make it possible for writers to continue their writing journeys on Wattpad and dedicate more time to creating the stories we all love.

Supported Stories

Wattpaders know a hit when they see it.  In the past, our editorial experts have worked with writers to bring the characters of Wattpad gems to life on the silver screen and hit TV shows, and taken stories to best-sellers lists through publishing deals.

Through Supported Stories Wattpadders can support incredible reads directly on Wattpad.

How to unlock Supported Stories

You can enjoy Supported Stories in two ways:

1. Unlock each juicy part chapter-by-chapter

Read at your own pace, and unlock each chapter as you are ready to dive into the next part. Simply click the [Unlock next chapter] button to redeem Coins, and unlock the next part.

2. Purchase an entire story

Binge the entire story, from start to finish. When you purchase the whole story, you’ll enjoy seamless reading—and a discount compared to unlocking the story chapter by chapter!

To purchase an entire story, select the [unlock entire book] option. The total amount of Coins will be deducted from your wallet, and you’ll instantly receive full access to the whole story.