What is Wattpad Next beta?

Be part of the next step in Wattpad’s journey to transform the way stories are shared and read. Wattpad Next beta is a beta program designed to enable readers to monetarily support writers directly on Wattpad, by funding the next step in their writing journeys.

Why are we launching Wattpad Next beta?

Wattpad has reinvented how readers discover content by creating a place for writers to share their unique stories. Our goal with Wattpad Next beta is to create a way for writers to earn money through their work.

Initial reactions to Wattpad Next beta show that the Wattpad community supports a program that monetarily rewards writers. We’ll be expanding the program in 2019. This doesn’t mean we won’t continue to iterate and update the program. We launched a beta program to understand what works best for our community, and will continue making updates based on user feedback. Stay tuned for updates!

Hear from the writers who create the stories we love


"I love writing—just love, love it. Wattpad already provided the platform where I could share my stories. For years, I've been writing passionately—squeezing writing time in a desk job, while traveling, before sleeping, and even on dates! It's fun but taxing. I'm excited for the Beta Program because it provides the opportunity to reward those hours spent doing what I love. Writing can be a day job, too!”

Eloisa Madrigal,
After Death


"It's an honor and a privilege to participate in this program. It's a big opportunity for a young writer like me who's waiting for a big break; to be noticed and to be loved by audience.

I want to spice up people's lives with my tele-dramatic accords. I am happy and still wanting to share my stories for free but getting paid in my works through this program is a big bonus and a big help for me. I was challenged to create a novel worthy of their money and time.”

Wonted Heat

Community is everything

At Wattpad we’re 100% focused on our community, you might call us obsessed. Through the Wattpad Next beta program, our goal is create the best way for our community to support writers, while giving writers a way to make money off of their work on Wattpad.

Want to know more? There's a big team at Wattpad HQ dedicated to the development of the Wattpad Next beta program. Hear more about why we are creating the program, and why we're committed to continually supporting the growth of our writer community.

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